This Science Fiction Short Gets Under Your Skin Before It Makes You Want To Go Back To Your Analog Mama

Augmented reality, gamification, big data, the interet of things: it is all nicely incorporated in this short and increasingly creepy film, that tell us the story of two people on a date, set in the near future. Their lives are infused with modern technology, the seperation between online and offline has almost vanished.

I think the film is very well made. Especially the scene in the restaurant is brilliantly constructed. But I don’t think it offers anything new towards understanding the possibilities  of new technologies and methods, like augmented reality and gamification or serious gaming. Do you?

To understand what these new technologies might mean for us in the future, we need to broaden and deepen our perspective. We need to look at the growing networks in which these technological processes are embedded, we need to understand the nature of complexity that is characteristic of these rapidly growing and transforming networks. We need to rethink and redesign the relationships we as individuals and as species have with our environment. We need a new theoretical framework, one that balances the technological and the natural in sustainable processes.Symbiotic Planet: A New Look at Evolution - Lynn Margulis

A few months ago I wrote an article for High Existence on ecoliteracy , a term I use to point to an understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. Also the technological and the natural are connected and we have a choice to actively search for balance between them. And maybe they could even stimulate and enhance each other… This article gives you a short introduction to some of the most influential people in the life sciences, cybernetics and philosophy from the past century.  Pepople like Fritjof Capra and Lynn Margulis. For each thinker and writer there is a recommended book for further reading.

Check out that article and let me know how you think about the future of gamification, the web and, well, the World…



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