The Collective Consciousness App: A Quantum Leap?

Something BIG is in the air. It’s still not more than a slight, barely noticeable breaze, sending a shiver down the spine of a man walking his dog. But it is growing, gathering strength, building up to what might be a Perfect Storm of Consciousness. Collective consciousness.
Excuse me: Collective consciousness? WTF?global_consciousness_project

Please, let me explain. Allow me to introduce the Collective Consciousness App. The app not only lets you read live data from a worldwide network of data generators, it also turns your phone into a node in that same network, contributing collected data to the growing data pool of the Global Consciousness Project.

This app is the result of three years of work by Adam M. Curry and a team of scietists who are all in some way connected to the legendary PEAR-lab that was in use from 1979 until 2007. PEAR was Princeton Engineering Anamolies Research, founded by Robert Jahn and Benda Dunne to research possible interactions between mind and machine. From this research sprang the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), founded by PEAR-researcher Roger Nelson. The GCP is a network of Random Number Generators (RNG’s), spread all over the globe. These RNG’s collect data from the quantum noise that is present everywhere. This white noise is supposed to be completely random, not to be influenced by anything (except maybe the plates of Casimir…), but the GCP has shown a significant deviation from the expected result, mostly at time of human psychological upheaval. Famous is the graph of the week that two planes hit the World Trade Center:

9/11 grafiek Global Consciousness Project

Already ten minutes before the first plane hit the tower, the spike started to rise… More and more results are stacking up and the cumulative chart keeps moving further away from the expected, random result. Understanding this phenomenon and the processes that are involved is of course the goal of this kind of research. To make progress in this respect, it is important to collect much more data, taken from many different locations on the globe. The Collective Consciousness App adds to the pool of data with every person who downloads and installs it. These are potentially millons of users around the globe.collective-consciousness-app-screenshot2

For anyone interested in (the possibility of) a collective human consciousness, this is gearing up to be one fascinating tool for exploration. Whenever a spike is detected in the GCP data, either globally or locally on your phone or tablet, the app sends you a message. You can compare this message to what is actually appening around you. Many years of experience with RNG’s and field-RNG’s (an early, slightly less portable version of the Collective Consciousness App) have taught the people at PEAR and the GCP that these moments are often highly serendipitous, with spikes in the data corresponding to emotional/psychological events happening at that time. Now, with the Collective Consciousness App, a free tool arrives for anyone who wishes to explore this phenomenon. Potentially, if you think about it, it is also a tool to stimulate and maybe catalyze the evolution of a global consciousness, a Noosphere. This makes me jump with joyful excitement… Think of the implications! Imagine the unimaginable possibilities!

This app is now being developed and you can support this great work through their Indiegogo campaign. Please help fund this amazng project and spread the word! Tweet it, post it, pin it, mail it, stumble upon it!

A personal note:
In 2004 I had the privilege to spend a summer in the PEAR-lab, a few precious years before Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne decided to close the lab and pass on the torch of mind-matter related research to the next generation. It was a great time for me. I learned a lot, met wonderful people and it cemented my fascination for consciousness for the rest of my life. I have been dreaming of an application like this for quite some time and I am thankful to Adam Curry for taking the initiative and doing the hard work for this potentially world-changing app.


3 thoughts on “The Collective Consciousness App: A Quantum Leap?

  1. Hi chiel. Interesting post. Do you have any scientific literature behind this RNG effects? I am much curious!

  2. Hey esto es un gran poste. Puedo utilizar una porcin en ella en mi sitio? Por supuesto ligara a su sitio as que la gente podra leer el artculo completo si ella quiso a. Agradece cualquier manera. ecgbeddeckdb


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