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Why I Am Writing A Book About Collective Consciousness

For a long time, we as humans have made a lot of progress by exploiting and dominating the world around us. We have thought about our surroundings as being seperate from us, there to be used by us in any way we see fit. This view of the world stems from many different assumptions, backed up by religions, science and technology.

Now we are facing problems, existential ones, everywhere we look. These are brought along by the very same assumptions that have served us so well for hundreds of years. The deepest ones even for thousands of years. So it is not surprising that we as a species, as societies and as individuals have a hard time letting go of those assumptions. In fact, I think we will only start doing this, when faced with an urgent need to do things differently. Be it on a personal level or on global scale: crisis seems to be a neccesary catalyst for change.

So I am grateful for these tremendous challenges brought up during our present lifetime. As said in many spiritual traditions, we are only given the difficulties for which we have also been given the potential to overcome them. This means that we as human beings must have an amazing power. We have the power to not only overcome the environmental crisis, but also the global crises in violence, physical and mental health, economy and money, in education, in spirituality and any other global crisis you can read and hear about in the media or see around you in your life. In us, in each and every one of us, resides this still largely hidden potential to, yes, save the world. But we can only do it as a whole. Not only by some specially gifted specimens, not by some political or social movement, not even by a collection of all the individuals on the planet. No, only as a whole, only as One.

What we see, when we look closely, is that all these crises I have just mentioned, are intimately linked, intertwined, entangled, inseperable. In fact, they are one. They are a crisis of perception, of consciousness. And this points us directly into the direction where we might find the answer to our pressing questions. The postulates and assumptions that have informed our tinking, our science, our technology and our social institutions have emphasized seperateness, analysis and objectivity. We see now in these same areas of human endeavour, an inclination to see the world from the perspective of oneness, of wholeness and inseperability.

In physics it is becoming more and more obvious that all events and observations are mutually dependent and indeed interlinked. In biology it is now clear that life is not something that can be analysed by taking apart organisms to their tiniest bits, but that life is a property that emerges from systems as dynamic wholes. And technology is becoming so advanced that it is starting to evolve by itself, showing us possibilities we’ve never invented or discovered.

But for any individual it can be hard to oversee these things and take comfort in them, for the pressing issues of their lives seem not to care: bills need to be paid, work needs to be done, conflicts need to be dealt with, disease needs to be cured and so on. Fortunately there are things each of us can do. Every person has a little something to offer the world in these challenging times. Remember that we are only given problems for which we have also been given the power to overcome them. All we need to do is shift our perception. It is all about consciousness. And writing this, writing the book The Conscious Web, talking and thinking about these subjects: that’s my part, my role to play in this shifting of paradigms. Maybe I can inspire someone to let go just a little bit more, have confidence a little bit deeper. Then my work is useful, serves a purpose.

That is why I am writing The Conscious Web, a book about the emerging collective consciousness on our beautiful planet Earth. I am here to nurture the noosphere, together with all of us.

Namasté!  (“With all the depths and charms of my mind and all the love and cordiality of my heart, the divinity within me greets the divinity within you.”)



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