Why Letting Go Will Solve Everything

About why we need to let go. A small note on big problems.

No matter where we look, there is crisis.

Finance? Crisis. Politics? Crisis. Health care? Crisis. Education? Crisis. Justice? Crisis. Environment? Crisis!

Our social, mental and physical well-being seems to be under enormous, collective stress.

When we try to oversee this from a perspective of cause and effect, despair sets in quickly. What can any of us do to overcome such enormous and diverse problems? Any of them seperately seems insurmountable, let alone all of them within the seemingly ultra-short window of time we have left.

So take a deep breath, stay calm, and do what comes naturally. Because after centuries of us believing we are an untrustworthy species, living in a hostile world, fighting for our survival, ruled by blind chance, it is finally o.k. again to believe in ourselves. To just let go. To trust that we are part of a bigger system than can perfectly take care of itself, if we just let it.


I know, this seems like a purely philosophical point of view, with very little practical value. But fear not, there is method to this madness. What we need to adopt is a systems view of life. This is not something I made up, just check the latest discoveries in diverse fields of science like micro-biology, psychology, astronomy and so on, if you want. If you don’t want, than just let me instill some hope into you.

The only way to overcome the multiple global crises of present day society, is to understand them as different aspects of one systemic crisis and approach them accordingly. The beauty of a system is its abundant redundancy in connections, which not only makes it possible for any change to happen much more quickly than by classical, linear cause and effect, but also allows for spontaneous emergence of completely new behaviour. Now there´s some perspective!

Since our society, nature, consciousness, heck, life itself are such enormously complex systems, we are starting to experience that change can actually happen extremely quickly. And I don’t just mean the cataclysmic change of natural or financial disaster, the change of rapid decline, no. I mean the emergence of new and more complex order. And this is what we need: we as human beings need to surpass ourselves, our notions of what we are and where we are going.


Nature has a way of pressing our faces in our shortcomings. It will invariably create crisis in the circumstances of life in order to push it forward. Evolution has never been just about survival and competition. Cooperation, symbiosis, complexity and creativity are what drives life. Don’t take my word for it. Read current scientific leaders and pioneers of thought. They are coming to stunning new discoveries and conclusions.

And the message is: let go, your mind cannot control what is happening, it can only assist you, make you a better tool for life evolving itself. Don’t look further than this very moment, allow your mind only this question: what is needed of me in this moment? And then let go, and let it happen.

For an idea where to start reading up on this, here is a list of 7 amazing books!



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